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How AU Works

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- Getting started
- Transfer process
- Guarantee
- What’s NOT covered?

Getting started

To participate in AdvantageU, you must first apply and be accepted into an Associate in Arts in Liberal Studies program at one of Maine’s seven Community Colleges. [For links to our Admissions Offices, click here.] Once enrolled, and prior to completing 30 credits, sign up for the AdvantageU program by filling out our AdvantageU Participation Form. Work with your Community College advisor to establish your University connection and to be sure you are meeting the requirements for the University you plan to attend.

Transfer process

When you have completed 45 credits, or in the semester prior to graduation at your Community College, fill out the "AdvantageU University Transfer Application" with your advisor. Your Community College will forward the AdvantageU University Transfer Application and other essential academic information to the admissions office of the University you wish to attend.


Qualified Maine Community College students, upon completion of an associate degree in Liberal Studies from a Maine Community College, are guaranteed admission with advanced standing to an institution in the University of Maine System. Students must earn grades of C- or above to be considered for transfer from the community college to the university. In addition, all other college, military, and prior learning/life experience credit will need to be reevaluated for applicability to the university degree program.

University course registration date is determined by the number of credits a student has earned at the time of university admission. Students may be required to satisfy current general education requirements at the receiving institution that were not available or completed at the community college from which they transferred.

Depending on the university degree program selected, additional course work may be required, extending the expected two-year timetable for degree completion. Students are encouraged to work closely with MCCS and UMS advisors to ensure that the appropriate courses are taken toward a degree program.

What’s NOT covered?

This program does not guarantee admission into a particular degree program.
Certain University programs have specific GPA requirements and/or program-specific criteria for admission and class standing. Students are strongly encouraged to work with their Community College and University advisors to understand individual program requirements. This will help ensure that your transfer process is as smooth and seamless as possible.

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  Maine's Community Colleges and Universities are equal opportunity institutions and comply with section 504, Title IX. Discrimination on the grounds of age, race, national origin, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and marital, parental, or veteran status is prohibited. The Community Colleges and Universities provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities upon request.