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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AdvantageU?
AdvantageU is the name of a guaranteed admission program in Maine. It allows Maine Community College students graduating with an Associate in Arts degree in Liberal Studies guaranteed admission to any institution of the University of Maine System. The program is a result of an agreement between the Maine Community College System and University of Maine System.

What is guaranteed?
Upon completion of an associate degree in Liberal Studies from a Maine Community College, qualified MCCS students are guaranteed admission with advanced standing to an institution in the University of Maine System. Students must earn grades of C- or above to be considered for transfer from the community college to the university. In addition, all other college, military, and prior learning/life experience credit will need to be reevaluated for applicability to the university degree program.

What is not guaranteed?
Students are not guaranteed admission to a particular University degree program. Individual programs offered through Maine’s public Universities may have specific GPA requirements and/or program-specific criteria for admission and class standing.

How does AdvantageU benefit students?
AdvantageU provides a smooth pathway for students who wish to earn an associate degree at a Community College and transfer to a University for a baccalaureate degree. Students receive early advising toward their University major, and are guaranteed admission to a University, with advanced standing. Other benefits include: 1) no University application fee; 2) a streamlined transfer process; and 3) the opportunity to participate in advanced course registration with other University students.

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How does AdvantageU benefit Maine?
Research shows and experience tells us that transfer programs like AdvantageU result in an overall increase in postsecondary degrees over time. This means better jobs and higher incomes for Maine citizens, a more highly educated workforce, and a stronger economy for Maine.

Who is eligible?
Students enrolled in the Associate in Arts in Liberal Studies program at a Maine Community College are eligible to participate in the AdvantageU program.

Do I need to apply to participate?
Yes. To participate, students must complete an AdvantageU Participation Form (available online or at your Community College) prior to completion of 30 credits. However, it is strongly recommended that students enroll as early as possible in order to receive early advising toward their desired bachelor degree program.

How will my credits transfer?
Your credits will transfer as specific course equivalents, department equivalents or general electives, depending on the transfer policies at the University you will be attending. Be sure to ask your advisor about the particular requirements for the University major you are working toward.

Is the AdvantageU program a 2+2 transfer program? 
It depends upon the student's university major and will require very careful planning and comprehensive advising. The graduation requirements of the major may exceed two years of course work at the university to complete all required courses to earn the bachelor's degree. In order to transfer the greatest number of credits students should begin working with the university of their choice as early as possible.

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  Maine's Community Colleges and Universities are equal opportunity institutions and comply with section 504, Title IX. Discrimination on the grounds of age, race, national origin, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and marital, parental, or veteran status is prohibited. The Community Colleges and Universities provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities upon request.